User documentation

This chapter documents how to use Software Factory.

CI/CD overview

The diagram below shows an overview of how Continous Integration/Continuous Deployment happens on Software Factory:

digraph {
    node [shape=doublecircle,fontsize=10,width=1.0,color=orange];
    edge [fontsize=10];

    "Code review system";
    "Pipelines manager";
    "Jobs Launcher";
    "User" [shape="box"];

    "User" -> "Code review system" [label="1. Submit review"];
    "Code review system" -> "Pipelines manager" [label="2. Listens for events"];
    "Pipelines manager" -> "Jobs Launcher" [label="3. Triggers tests"];
    "Jobs Launcher" -> "Code review system" [label="5. Reports result"];
    "Jobs Launcher" -> "Slave" [label="4. Run tests" dir=both];

Create and configure a new project

Creating a new project or repository is done by submitting a change on the Config repository. This repository is a regular project, see the next chapter about how to contribute to a project.

To create and/or configure a project, you need to create a new review on the config repository. The change consists of two parts:

In short, in a single change, the following files need to be created:

  • resources/new-project.yaml
  • zuulV3/new-project.yaml

Once the change is approved and merged, the project will be created/updated by the config-update job.

Contribute to a project on SF

Clone a project

Softwarefactory uses the GIT protocol as its revision control system. When a project is created, Gerrit initializes the project’s repository/ies.

Repositories can be cloned from the Gerrit server to a local directory. Gerrit allows multiple ways to clone a project repository.

Using HTTP

$ git clone https://{fqdn}/r/{project-name}

Using SSH

Before accessing the SSH URI, one needs to register the SSH public key of its user. (See Setting up SSH keys)


A user needs to setup SSH public keys in order to create new review.

$ git clone ssh://{user-name}@{fqdn}/{project-name}

Create a patch

Once the project is cloned, create a new patch. See this short introduction to git, or the git user-manual, or this git from the bottom up.

Commit message hooks

If you are working on a feature or a bug that is defined in a task on the issue tracker, you can add a line like “Task: XXX” in your commit message, where XXX is the task number. This way, when you submit your change for review, the task will see its status updated to “In Progress”; when the change is merged the task will be closed automatically. The following keywords are supported:

  • Task
  • Story
  • Related-Task (this will not close the bug upon merging the patch)
  • Related-Story (this will not close the bug upon merging the patch)

Create a new Code Review

Before your changes can be merged into master, they must undergo review in Gerrit, this is call a Code Review, (which is similar to Github Pull Request).

First install git-review. Generally, the easiest way to get the latest version is to install it using the Python package installer pip. It might also be packaged for your OS.

$ pip install --user git-review

Make sure your SSH public key is setup, see Setting up SSH keys. Then to push the change to Gerrit, execute the following command:

$ git review
# remote: Processing changes: new: 1, refs: 1, done
# remote:
# remote: New Changes:
# remote:   http://{fqdn}/{change-number}
# remote:
# To ssh://{user-name}@{fqdn}:29418/{project-name}
#  * [new branch]      HEAD -> refs/publish/master/branch-name


The first time you run git review, it will create a new ‘gerrit’ remote. If the project was cloned anonymously from http, it will ask for your gerrit username. You can force this process by using: “git review -s”

Review workflow

Software Factory requires every patch to be reviewed before they are merged.

Who can review

Anybody who is authenticated on Software Factory is eligible to review a patch of any project except for private projects. Private projects can be reviewed only by the team leads, developers, and core developers of that project.

Only the core member as defined in a project ACL can approve (vote +2) a review.

How to review

Ensure you are logged in to Software Factory’s web interface and select the patch you want to review from the list of open patches. See this short introduction to gerrit, or the gerrit user-manual.

Core-reviewer can approve a review by clicking “reply” and:

  • Set Code-Review to +2
  • Set Workflow to +1

By default, the CI system will:

  • Start check jobs when a change is created, it will vote Verify +1 on success.
  • Start gate jobs when a change has Verify +1, at least one CR+2 and one W+1. it will vote Verify +2 on success
  • Merge the change if it has: Verify +2, at least one CR+2 and no W-1.

A comment message including “recheck” will retrigger CI jobs.

Other useful resources