Welcome to Software Factory’s documentation!


Software Factory (also called SF) is a collection of services that provides a powerful platform to build software. It’s optimized to use an OpenStack-based cloud for resources, but this is not mandatory at all.

Setting up a full software development stack manually can really be time-consuming. Software Factory provides an easy way to get everything you need to host, design, modify, test and build software; all of this pre-configured and usable immediately.

Software Factory feature also features automated upgrades, so you don’t have to worry about upgrading each services yourself.


Software Factory integrates services covering each step in the software production chain:

  • Version control and code hosting
  • Code review system
  • Pipelines manager
  • Test instances management
  • Task tracker
  • Collaborative tools
  • Repositories metrics
  • Log management
  • System metrics

Software Factory offers a seamless user experience with:

  • Single Sign-On authentication, on every authenticated service
  • A unified REST API,
  • A top menu to access all the services quickly, and
  • A command line tool and a web interface.