System metrics

You can activate system metrics on your deployment, 3 services will be deployed:

  • telegraf: an agent collecting system metrics on all nodes defined in the architecture file (/etc/software-factory/arch.yaml).
  • influxdb: a time series to store the metrics.
  • grafana: a dashboard to visualize metrics.

How to activate

These components are not deployed by default but can be activated by adding them in /etc/software-factory/arch.yaml:

You can deploy grafana and influxdb on a separated host if needed. Telegraf will be automatically deployed on all nodes defined in the arch.yaml file.

- influxdb
- grafana

Then running sfconfig to deploy all components:

# sfconfig

Dashboards access

There is a new item on the top menu, on the right side named “Status” to access the grafana dashboard:


By default, all dashboards are read only. Only the admin user can add or modify a dashboard.