Service Plugins

The managesf server uses a plugin architecture to manage services. It means that services can be added and configured into Software Factory quite easily.

Configuring services

Services that will be provided in Software Factory through managesf must be declared in the configuration file, in the “services” section, like so:

services = [

Each service has a dedicated configuration section. See below for more details, but keep in mind that for services shipped with Software Factory, the configuration is managed automatically when installing Software Factory’s image and shouldn’t be modified.

Available services


Gerrit code review service packaged within Software Factory by default. Authentication is managed by cauth.

configuration section: gerrit

Option Description
user the gerrit user
host the gerrit host
url the gateway URL
top_domain the FQDN for the Software Factory deployment
ssh_port the ssh port Gerrit listens on
sshkey_priv_path the path to Gerrit’s private ssh key
replication_config_path the path to the replication configuration

Writing a service plugin

If you are writing your own plugin library, you need to declare your plugins in the entry points section of your library’s, under the namespace “managesf.v2.<ENDPOINT>” where <ENDPOINT> is the API endpoint you want to implement.

The expected interface varies from endpoint to endpoint and can usually be found in managesf/api/v2/<ENDPOINT>.