• Connect to to create an account. Software Factory supports authentication with OAuth providers like Github and Google.
  • Register your public SSH key on your account (see Software Factory’s documentation for more details)
  • Install git-review on your development environment:
sudo yum install git-review

Checking out the code

git clone ssh://$
git-review -s # will initialize the gerrit remote for review

where $USER is your user name on Software Factory.

Testing locally

Before submitting anything, make sure your patch passes the existing test suite (PEP8, python 2.7):

tox --recreate

Submitting a change

git checkout -b"my-branch"
# Hack the code, create a commit on top of HEAD ! and ...
git review # Submit your proposal on

Your patch will be listed on the reviews pages at . Automatic tests are run against it and the CI will report results on your patch’s Gerrit page. You can also check to follow the test process.